somatic practice & bodywork

After experiencing acute trauma and long-term impacts along the lines of PTSD, Hannah enabled me to redevelop a loving and trusting relationship with my body.  She taught me to listen to my body more frequently, more deeply, and more respectfully.  I learned what my body was telling me I needed and how to respect my own boundaries, so that I could then communicate them with others, especially my loved ones.

The effects of therapy with Hannah on my daily life have been astounding.  Prior to therapy, I was often easily startled, shaky, scared, overwhelmed by my emotions, anxious, numb, helpless, and detached from my body.  I also was easily triggered and experienced flashbacks regularly.  Practices that I have learned from Hannah have helped me to ground myself and gently and continuously heal my body, mind, and spirit.  I now feel reconnected to and safe in my body and more emotionally stable.  I am rarely triggered and when I am, I can rely on these practices to bring me back to myself.  Building trust with myself through my body has also allowed me to trust and feel safe with my partner and friends, and has brought greater joy and intimacy to those relationships.  My nervous system feels healthy again, and I am incredibly grateful for it…

…Hannah’s attitude and approach made my healing possible.  She exudes a steadiness that made me feel very comfortable and safe in addressing my hurt.  She also approached healing in a gentle way, with an understanding that healing will take the time it takes and that being soft with yourself and giving space and time helps the healing along.  I felt that my boundaries were respected and I was never pushed to do something that I felt uncomfortable with or unready for.  She is very knowledgeable about the body, trauma, oppression, and the connections between them, and was generous in her sharing of this knowledge to help me understand my own experiences and responses.  I had anticipated that therapy would be an exhausting and painful process, but I left nearly every session feeling rejuvenated, held, and more at peace.


“Hannah’s work style/approach is the right balance of gentle guidance – I never feel pressured to do anything I don’t want to do, but I receive an amount of direction that feels good to me. Moreover, she is particularly skilled at holding space for folks who occupy different intersections (and life experiences) than her own – which is key given how vulnerable therapy can be. Since I have started working with Hannah I have been able to foster a more holistic relationship to my body as a whole, in addition to a more intentional way of moving through the world. I can’t recommend her therapeutic services enough!”  –Anonymous

“Hannah’s approach to counselling is deeply embodied and respectful, differing wonderfully from the other top-down forms of therapy I have endured in the past. She is completely nonjudgmental, and in our sessions I have never felt pressured into becoming “functional” or more neurotypical – rather, we explore the ways in which neuroatypicality can be a form of magic. Every session is different depending on what I am feeling and needing in that moment, and I am always provided with the tools I need to be a little or a lot more gentle with myself. Hannah facilitates embodied dialogue, and after working with her for over a year, I have witnessed in myself a movement towards being more in touch with my creative intuition, and feeling more at peace with the neuroatypical powerful femme that I am (as well as feeling more at peace knowing that there are days when I do not feel powerful at all).” –C

somatics groups & workshops

“I left the workshop feeling strong, calm and more prepared to access the intuitive wisdom within this body that is with me always. it also provoked a continued reflection on how that self-knowledge translates into caring for one another, and i am so grateful for that.” –A

 “[The most useful thing about this group was…] tips to learn how to identify sensations in my body, how to listen to them, and how to cope with undesired ones. The opening meditation and all the different techniques we practiced are what made this really work for me, as well as the way in which we were all supported in feeling that it was OK to have whatever sensations/reactions we were having.” –Anonymous

“I LOVE the pacing of your workshops, generally speaking, and this was no exception. methodically slow, clear, with enough time for new information to drop in. so good!” –A

“I thought this was an amazing workshop. I was really nervous going into it and felt really comfortable and grateful for the experience. At the end, I felt tired but very much cared for and supported by my own self and by the group. Thanks for sharing these tools!” –Anonymous

“Evenings with the moonwork practice and ritual offered me time to settle into myself, reset and explore different themes in my life. Facilitation was grounded, and exercises were inspiring and gentle. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for pause, direction, self-care and self-exploration.” –I

This workshop helped me use the tools and strategies already around me in order to engage in practices that are healing and beneficial. It allowed me to be accountable to myself in a non-coercive way. It also allowed me to analyze and confront my relationship to the land as a settler in a productive fashion that encouraged action. –Anonymous

“I really recommend this for anyone who has a lived experience that has led them to be detached from their body, or numb, and for whom talk therapy doesn’t work because there are often no words to really identify or describe what’s going on inside. Thanks for everything :)” –Anonymous

self-accountability groups

“This group was affirming and life-changing! All the things you never got to learn about having healthy relationships because no one you grew up around could tell you these things, like how to set healthy boundaries.” –Anonymous

“The group’s written and embodied norms, the intense vulnerability, the personal and communal resilience folks exuded, and your precise but welcoming facilitation are all, in my mind, feminine in character (among other qualifiers, of course) and really helped me welcome those parts of myself. I wanted to specifically thank you for cultivating this atmosphere, even for masculine folks, and for letting me be a part of such a beautiful process.” –Anonymous

“It has helped me reflect on my own personal tool-box for navigating relationships which is cluttered with mechanisms I had learned through socialization that do not serve me right now. It’s a great wake up call when we’re ready to listen.” –Anonymous

“Excellent facilitation create a trusting group dynamic, empowering us to go deep and gently work on some fundamental problems that arise in relationships with others and ourselves.” –Anonymous

femme lineage writing workshop

“Hannah creates a warm, tender, compassionate space to be in your body (or not) and write. The prompts were super interesting, the femme company was magical, and the poetry was fantastic. I feel so lucky to have been able to attend. It was an absolute pleasure. I hope to re-use Hannah’s writing prompts for myself in future… and maybe even attend the same workshop again to see how my writing has changed! As a male-presenting genderfluid person, I felt completely welcome in this space and did not feel awkward or outcast for being the only male-presenting person present. What a treasure it is to be in such a gender-affirming space! I have a BA in Creative Writing–it was a very critical program–so to experience Hannah’s workshop as a space where encouragement and celebration of writing was the goal was just… really nice and kinda heavenly. I definitely recommend this space to any femme who wants to write, does write, or will write in future!” — O