new quarterly group politicized practitioners consult for queers debuts on 16 march 2022!

i offer professional/practice consultation sessions for practitioners, facilitators, and students of somatics/bodywork/facilitation, centred on the questions & needs you bring to session. common themes include pathways to practice outside social work/psychology/policing, navigating power & privilege in relationship with clients, working with non-monogamy & BDSM, trauma-informed work, somatics in the virtual realm, and best practices for embodied, relational facilitation. 

i am not an expert, but an open book with some stories to tell––most of the questions i consult around are answered in evolving ways through lifelong learning & practice beyond our hours of consultation together. we will always centre your needs, work within an embodied framework, and use both conversation & somatic practice in sessions. info about fees is here.

while i am always glad to support somatic experiencing students, especially my fellow queers, i am unable to offer personal or consult sessions for SEP credit.

if you’re interested in working together you can get in touch here

“I am who I am, doing what I came to do.”

––Audre Lorde, Sister Outsider